Thursday, December 23, 2010

All About Boys

Last week, the ScrapTiffany girls showed their Girl Power. This week, it's All About Boys. A tough one for me since there are more girls in my life than boys. I have one brother and one sister who collectively gave me three nieces and only one nephew. Most of my cousins are girls. I have only two uncles and five aunts. I currently have one daughter and am expecting another daughter to arrive in June. That's right!! We are pregnant again and found out earlier this week that the bun that's been baking is a GIRL! You see, I know "girl," but it sure was fun creating for a boy this time.

I also made this with CPS sketch #198 in mind.
I'm posting this on a different computer than I'm used to, so I cannot really tell how the colors look in this photo. Sorry if it's wonky.

There's a new design team coming your way for ScrapTiffany next year. Stay tuned!!!


  1. This card is really cute, Summer! I really like that truck!

    Congrats on your new arrival this coming summer. How exciting!!

  2. So adorable, just love the rocks!

  3. Such a cute card love it!