Friday, April 9, 2010

My very first Gypsy cut

Yes, my husband gave me a Gypsy for Christmas and I immediately uploaded all my cartridges, but that was about it. It wasn't as user friendly as I hoped, and I hadn't taken the time to sit and read or watch how to use it. I was forced to last night.
My daughter's school is celebrating their teachers next week and I had volunteered to do a banner to be put up in the teachers' lounge before they arrive on Monday. That means it needed to be brought to school today, so I wouldn't have to go their early on a day my daughter doesn't even attend school.... plus, my in-laws are in town. All this meant I had to squeeze something out last night.
Thankfully, I already had this flip-flop garland that I made for my dear friend's 40th birthday party a couple weekends ago.
I was shocked to find that none of my 25 cartridges had a single flip flop image.... so I hand-cut these babies. Since I had this and a bunch of other beach decor, the parent committee decided the teachers' lounge will have a beach theme next week :) LOL...... but I still need a banner or sign.
<> Cut the message out on my Cricut and glue it on this garland. 
But each word will have to be one piece.
The Gypsy can weld the letters together to make one whole word.
But you don't know how to use your Gypsy.
You have no other option besides starting from scratch.
(I get out my Gypsy.)

And it was easy!! And I couldn't stop giggling at how cool it was turning out. I love my Gypsy and can't wait to learn more about her :) She needs a name, too.

Sorry for the crappy picture, but it was late, I just wanted to be done, and I was behind it standing on the bar in the basement in order to get it all in the frame.
I totally dig it!!


  1. That is so cute! REUSE AND RECYCLE - good job!

  2. I bet the teachers will love it. Very cute. Lifes a beach I think has a flip flop on it :)