Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just call me Jolee

.... you know, as in Jolee's Boutique Stickers?
You see, I made those lollipops myself!! I twisted up some black and white polka dot tissue paper and wound it in a tight circle, then glued it on paper. I cut that out, attached a real lollipop stick to the back and covered it with cellophane. Here's the inside and a pink lollipop:

The story behind the photo: My daughter won the lollipop from our library, so I let her eat it on the way home. She was still sucking on it when I brought her lunch to the table. I asked her to put the lollipop down so we could pray. I peeked during the prayer (because it's just so cute to see squinted eyes and chubby hands folded in prayer) and saw that she had picked the lollipop back up, but was still praying away. One of my top kajillion favorite Mommy moments.

Why a speech bubble? It's the sketch challenge over at Moxie Fab World.
I love Cath's challenges. They push me to create something I NEVER would on my own. So fun. You've got to try it.


  1. That is definitely one of the best mommy moments! Thanks for stopping by my blog spot. Love all your latest posts, you are so creative.

  2. This is just so sweet! Love it (and the lollipops)!

  3. Hey Summer! Thanks for entering the Get Sketchy Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! :)