Sunday, August 29, 2010


Recognize her? Yup, that's Jennifer McGuire, my BFF! She was so sweet to come visit me and teach me tons of her coloring techniques and card making secrets. Granted, there were 39 other people there, too, and I had to pay to see her, and she doesn't really know we're BFFs, but still...

I was so star struck and giddy just to be in the same room as her. She liked my shirt!!! And said one of my projects was turning out "beautiful!"

I had the time of my life and learned so many new things that I cannot wait to try at home on my own. She is a fabulous teacher who does so many "extras" to really make the class even more fabulous. I'm telling you girls, if you have a chance to take a class from Jennifer McGuire, you NEED to do it. It's such a confidence and mojo booster to learn new things from someone who has mastered this hobby of ours.

Oh, and to top off this perfect morning, I met The Daily Marker, too. The rest of the world calls her Kathy. I had no idea she was local and giving classes nearby. I'll be learning from her soon, too. So exciting!! Shoot.... I should've gotten a picture with Kathy.

Hoping to practice my new skills tomorrow.


  1. Great photo! I had dinner last year with Jennifer at Scrapfest and probably will this year! She is awesome and so kind! Lucky you living so close to Kathy!

  2. That is so super cool, I would love to meet her! Your post made me laugh :)