Thursday, September 3, 2009


I haven't set up this blog to email me when I get comments, so I didn't know what I'd see when I popped on today. 18 followers?!?!?!?!? What in the world? I'm giggling hysterically like I did when I saw the plus sign on the pregnancy test 3 years ago. Someone let the cat out of the bag and said QueenBscraps sent her. I knew right away who the Queen B was.... did a little search on the Cricut board and there was her sweet message. Caught red-handed!!
Thank you, Britten for spreading the word (what a great friend I got!!!) and THANK YOU ladies for all your sweet comments. I am so humbled and a little embarrassed. And feeling some pressure to post some projects. Just what I need.
Thanks again for the welcome and encouragement.

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  1. Ok, you figured it out! Happy Belated Birthday!! I forgot that we share a birthday month...I think it's awesome that you found my blog surprise on your big day!

    (I also just noticed that you already have 36 are quickly catching up to me (I have 40) and you JUST started blogging!!!