Monday, June 14, 2010

My Little Space

The challenge over at ScrapTiffany this week is to scrap your space. I'm sitting out this week because I have so much going on. Six dear friends are coming to visit on Friday. Right after they leave, my parents arrive. And right after they leave, my husband's parents arrive. Sooooo much to do. Oh, did I mention I'm taking a little road trip with some friends, so all my preparations need to be done by bedtime tomorrow. I can do this!!!! But I couldn't squeeze in time to do the challenge. But I did take some pictures of my crafting space.
We are a military family, so we move around a lot and never know what size our home will be. In our last house, I had an entire room just for my crafts. <> The closet alone was awesome. Now, I'm in a huge basement, but I have to share it with my husband's office and my daughter's playhouse and jumpy castle. I decided to get one of these Original Scrapboxes so I could always have plenty of storage and work space even if I had to put it in the guest room. 
I LOVE IT! Yea, the desktop is a little small, but I can't complain because just about everything I need is within arm's reach.
I have been a little crafty in the midst of all the cleaning and minor home improvements. I sewed curtains!!! Four of our 6 guests will be sleeping in the basement, and I thought they might appreciate not giving the neighbors a show.

Aren't they cute? I made three of them. I am crazy proud of myself because I had to google how to thread the machine (my MIL gave it to me)... bobbin and all. I am not experienced in sewing at all, but this project was so fulfilling. Now that the machine is threaded, I can sew on my cards. LOL!!! Finally!

Do you have some time? Where do you craft? Join the gang at ScrapTiffany and scrap your space.


  1. wow look at all that storage space wow!!! Looks like a great place to create

  2. I love your curtains! It really is amazing what you can google,LOL! But google isn't responsible for your artistic talent! That is all you! Bravo!

  3. Can't wait to see your scrapin' space in person!!! And I can't believe you are hosting company three times in a row! You're amazing!!! (and a tad crazy!) :)

  4. Ohhhh....look at how neat your Box is! Mine always has stuff hanging out of all the drawers. It's amazing how much you can get in there isn't it?!

    Good luck with all that company. We had a really busy May and June full of vacations and visitors. (It's great when they come, but it's also good to see them go! lol)